What I stand for is what I sit on

Every year 1.5 million kilos of wool are thrown away in the Netherlands. Wool has so many advantages, but because wool is laborious and Dutch wool itches, it is often returned to nature or even burned. Based on the idea that wool is too laborious, I designed an lounge chair where the wool filling only needs to be washed. And by folding the cover and the filling together, you create strength in the backrest for a firm seat. ​

Wool has the property that the fiber springs back to its original shape. As a result, the chair retains its shape. Wool is also much stronger than, for example, cotton. And it beats the lifespan of chemical foam rubber, which is now often used for lounge chairs and sofas. And are you ready for something different? Then you can order a new cover from us at a reduced price and we will reuse the wool fillment of your lounge chair.


Sustainability starts with transparency. That’s why we are proud to tell you about the 5 sustainable aspects that this lounge chair counts!


Qualitative / Recycled:

We opted for a sustainable model made of wool and a cover made from recycled PET bottles and a model made of 100% unprocessed wool.


This is perhaps the most sustainable aspect of this chair. The Dutch wool we use for the fillment of the chair is nowadays a waste product.


The materials are from the Netherlands and the chair is also produced in the Netherlands.



In Europe, we throw away 11 trillion kilograms of furniture every year. Of which only 10% is recycled. Traditional furniture is very difficult to recycle due to the many materials that are used and glued together.
That is why we designed this frameless armchair. The sustainable lounge chair is easy to separate after use by removing the wool and the 100% wool version does not even need to be separated.

Why we don’t choose natural latex.
– Grown in Asia, Africa and South America.
– The product cannot be recycled and cannot be broken down by nature.